Rachel Lemisch is a classically trained trombonist, B.M. New England Conservatory; M.M. Temple University and a descendant of renowned Klezmer dynasty from Iasi, Romania.


Rachel became interested in studying and performing Jewish music, after learning the pivotal role that the Lemisch family played in Klezmer music, from 19th century Romania to 1960s Philadelphia.  She has performed with the Andalusian Orchestra, Delaware Symphony, Jerusalem International Symphony, New World Symphony, Boston Philharmonic and the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, and has accompanied artists as diverse as opera star Luciano Pavarotti and Orthodox Jewish superstar Yaakov Shwekey.  Rachel performs internationally with the Gypsy/Balkan brass band Orkestra Severni and Shtreiml, an ensemble that fuses centuries-old Eastern-European and Ottoman music with jazz-rock sensibilities.  Rachel is proud to be a member of SoulSongs, Inspiring Women of Klezmer, the eleven member all-female composers’ orchestra that premiered in Philadelphia in October 2018, with trumpetess and musical director Susan Watts-Lankin and staging and costumes by Jenny Romaine.  Rachel’s film credits include Mona Lisa Smile, a 2003 film starring Julia Roberts. 




Photo by Kiran Ambwani