Orkestra Severni

Meaning “Fanfare of the North” in Serbian, this energetic brass band features some of the finest musicians on Montreal’s world music scene.

Fanfare Severni

Perfect for outdoor parties, festivals or celebrations this group’s raucous repertoire ranged from Balkan, Klezmer, Roma and Turkish and includes original compositions by Jason Rosenblatt and Ismail Fencioglu. Orkestra Severni has been a featured ensemble at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the International Yiddish Theatre Festival, Toronto‚Äôs Ashkenaz Festival and The Montreal Jewish Music Festival.
Fanafare Severni @ Montreal Jewish Music Festival

Fanafare Severni @ Montreal Jewish Music Festival

Musicians include: accordian virtuoso Sergiu Popa, percussionists Marton Maderspach and Thierry Arsenault, Trumpeters Craig Pedersen and Andy King, saxophonist Tevet Sela, and Queen of the Tuba Julie Houle along with Rachel Lemisch on trombone.